When it comes to dangerous goods, safety is of the highest priority

Kiessling is your partner when it comes to hazardous substances, transporting dangerous goods, and chemical logistics. Our modern hazardous materials warehouse is approved for almost all VCI (chemical industry association) classes according to BIMSchG/Seveso III (Federal Act on Protection Against Emissions/Seveso III).
We store flammable liquids, toxic, highly toxic and corrosive substances, pesticides and fertilisers or water pollutants according to German Water Hazard Classes (WGK) 1-3 in 17,000 CP1 pallet spaces.

It goes without saying that our hazardous materials warehouse has all the modern safety standards, all the way from fully automatic fire-extinguishing systems to video monitoring systems. Use our many decades of experience when it comes to the safe storage of hazardous substances and our ADR transport network, both domestically and internationally.


  • 17,000 CP1 pallet spaces (1000x1200 mm)
  • Approved according to BIMSchG/Seveso III (Federal Act on Protection Against Emissions/Seveso III) for all VCI (chemical industry association) classes except for 1, 6.2 and 7.
  • Fully automatic fire-extinguishing systems, sprinklers, foam, powder, fire alarm system, gas alarm system
  • technical ventilation, fault indication system, video monitoring and alarm system
  • Chemical and fire water retention for German Water Hazard Classes (WGK) 1-3

Your contact

Logistics Planning
Andreas Meier

Tel.: +49 9402 / 944-187
Fax: +49 9402 / 944-114
E-Mail: andreas.meierkiessling-spedition.de


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Good information exchange assured

  • Modern interfaces to data communication via XML, SOAP and EDIFACT standards
  • Online order and data processing using modern browser technologies
  • Barcoding, serial number management, batch management
  • Tracking & tracing

Quality assured

Value added assured

  •     Value-added services: labelling, packing, set/display rack construction, repackaging, material procurement
  •     Dangerous goods check: Identification, packing, labelling, MSDS
  •     Dangerous goods safety advice (ADR, IATA, IMDG)
  •     Organisation / Processing of carriage by sea and air

Logistics consulting & Outsourcing

The service we offer

  • Process analysis and identification of optimisation potentials
  • Provision of logistics services like picking or packing
  • Management of your goods inward including supply of production or
    taking care of your prefabricated parts warehouse internally or externally
  • Optimising and planning logistics systems

Your contact

Dangerous Goods Logistics Division Manager
Hugo Seitz

Tel.: +49 9402 / 944-180
Fax: +49 9402 / 944-114
E-Mail: hugo.seitzkiessling-spedition.de