Information regarding the protection of the public

Due to the substances stored in certain quantities at KIESSLING-SPEDITION, a permit in accordance with section 4(1) of the German Federal Emission Control Act (BImSchG) is required for the construction and operation of the warehouse.

The warehouse is likewise subject to the Hazardous Incident Regulation (12th BImSchV), according to which the plant operator has to inform those who could be affected by a hazardous incident as well as the public about the safety measures and the correct behaviour required in the case of a hazardous incident, for example.


Please see our safety flyer for information on the substances stored, the safety concepts and systems, and the rules of conduct in case of emergency.

You can request information on the safety report from the KIESSLING-SPEDITION hazardous incident officer (+49 (0)9402 944-180).


In accordance with the german SEVESO III-direktive  §§16/17, we are monitored by the responsible authorities. Based on monitoring plans and regular on-site inspections, the technical, organizational and management-specific safety measures of the plant operators are reviewed.


Last on-site inspection by the authorities in accordance with 12. BImSchV §17 Para. 2: October 11, 2023


For further information, please contact the Government (Regierung der Oberpfalz)- Sachgebiet 50 - Technischer Umweltschutz (contact details in the green field below)


See the following contacts for more information


Telefonzentrale: +49 9402 944-0
Management board,
or hazardous incident officer; or visit the company in person:


Gutenbergstraße 15, 93128 Regenstauf

Safety report, emergency management, plant safety

Staatliches Landratsamt Regensburg (Regensburg State District Office)

Department S 32
Nature conservation and emission control law


Altmühlstraße 3, 93059 Regensburg
Tel: +49 941 4009-345
Tel: +49 941 4009-0 (Central)

Permits, plant monitoring, safety report

Regierung der Oberpfalz (Government of the Upper Palatinate)

Department 50
Technical environmental protection


Emmeramsplatz 8, 93047 Regensburg
Tel. +49 941 5680-0

Monitoring system (monitoring plan, monitoring programme)