High-performance IT for efficient logistics

In order for goods to flow smoothly and transparently, whether that is inside Germany or globally, in addition to a skilled and experienced logistics service provider with a high-performing range of services you need IT technology that is accurate and 100% reliable.

We work with our customers to develop innovative IT solutions that are adapted to the customer’s specific needs. These solutions meet the requirements for a continuous flow of information as well as the highest safety standards for optimal information management.

State-of-the-art information logistics

Our core competency lies in bundling relevant, structured data and subsequently converting it into different standard interfaces. With our IT services we play a decisive role in implementing state-of-the-art transport and logistics solutions to support you.

Your advantage:
With the help of high data quality, information flows transparently and processes in your company are optimised effectively. Using standardised systems and interfaces creates the greatest possible flexibility when putting your needs into action and, at the same time, can be applied all over the world.

Efficient data management through standardised interfaces

Documents from SAP systems are supported in the same way as data from Navision or Dynamics 365. From a technical point of view, we offer a connection from DELVRY01, DELVRY03, DELVRY07, INSDES, IFTMIN, ORDERS, DESADV, BORD 512, XML, CSV and similar formats.

Cloud platforms with different protocols are primarily used to transmit the relevant data in our systems quickly and smoothly. SFTP, AS2 and email are used, for example.

Real-time data transmission by API

On request, we will provide you with a real-time interface by https transmission. The key advantage of real-time communication by API: you are notified immediately that the data was processed successfully.

You can also print lists of labels or loading lists directly on your premises. We’re happy to help you do this.

Your contact

Head of IT Management
Richard Schrott

Tel.: +49 9402 / 944-300
Fax: +49 9402 / 944-116
E-Mail: richard.schrottkiessling-spedition.de