Urgent delivery by night express

With our business division Night Star Express we offer you a comprehensive night express network.

Your deliveries are collected by late afternoon and delivered at night inside Germany and into its neighbouring countries by 8 a.m. the next day – or 7 a.m. as an option – with no signature required. We also carry out your urgent deliveries by day express throughout Europe.

The goods are delivered to depots at the consignee’s location. Whether it’s a technician’s work vehicle, a box, a garage or a warehouse – when it comes to choosing the depot, it’s the individual preferences of the consignee that matter.
Deliveries are documented with GPS coordinates and a photo of the delivery.

For more information, please go to night-star-express.de/en/

Personal customer support

For you, the advantage of our regional customer service is that you always have the same contact partner that knows you personally.
Our skilled team are there to answer any questions and give you comprehensive advice before, while and after your transport order is carried out.

We’re looking forward to your request!

Your contact

Sales / Customer support
Daniela Prechtl

Tel.: +49 9402 / 944-217
Fax: +49 9402 / 944-124
E-Mail: daniela.prechtlkiessling-spedition.de


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Customers that particularly benefit from this service are not only those with time-critical spare parts from the automotive, agricultural engineering and construction equipment industries but also pharmacies with pharmaceuticals as well as technicians whose spare parts are delivered directly into their work vehicle. Delivery of the required goods before the start of the working day means great value added for our customers. The all-round service we offer is completed by an optimal returns management system. Our First Class service is rounded off by flexible RDT connections, continuous tracking in real time and a regional customer support service with specifically assigned contact partners.



  • 20 logistics partners in a network that spans Europe
  • 1.250 vehicles in action for you every day
  •  5,57 million shipments delivered each year